How to identify whether this product is made of bronze?

Bronze is a metal. When looking for a fake bronze statue, tap the metal with a hard object lightly. The sound should  be metallic. You will want to tap on the underside of the statue and on all sides. If there is a dull sound that is not metal in nature, the piece is probably resin and not bronze.
As a last resort, hold a flame to the bronzes statue. If the statue is metal, nothing will happen under the flame. If the statue is resin, the resin will bubble almost instantly under the flame. That bubbling means the statue is not really bronze.
Another huge signal that a bronze statue is not real is the lack of guarantee on the item. Many sellers will sell their bronze statues, as is. This means once you buy the product, no matter if you find out later that it is a fake, you own it for life.